About Q solution

Q Solution provides practical, professional and concrete solutions in the area of AgroFood systems design and mechanization. Our customer orientation and hands-on mentality enables us to implement client demands, from the design and specification to the realization of farm equipment, handling & storage facilities and added value systems. Such including innovative solutions for optimization and refurbishment of existing situations.

Q Solution, through its ‘Q AgroFood Solution’ or
‘Q Orchard Solution’, will find a practical solution to every need in the Agro-Food sector.

History and Expertise

Q Solution was founded in 1992 by Jan Hak and handed over to his son Willem-Jan in 2000, who is currently also managing director. Willem-Jan Hak has been active in the field of machinery and system development since an early age and has gained valuable experience throughout his career. He has been active in the engineering and realization of complete freezing and dehydration facilities. He also designed and realized new and innovative equipment such as containerized dryers, subtropical fruit infusion lines, date paste & syrup processing systems and several more.


Previous references and services qualify our specific expertise in the field of:

  • Field, Factory, Process line lay-out design and specification 
  • Agro-mechanization with monitoring & management systems
  • Machine development and refurbishment
  • Equipment and process optimization
  • Value Chain development (potato, fruits, poultry)
  • Technology implementation (infusion, dehydration, freezing)
  • Custom-built design

Questions or remarks?

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