Several in close cooperation with other members of the QuaTerNes Group:


Vegetables & PotatoYalofood (Turkey), Selva Frozen Foods (Peru)
Delidor (Georgia), Dika Foods (P.R. China), Roing (Bosnia-Herzegovina), Susara Lars (Maceonia)

FruitAfropa (Ghana), Huasheng (P.R. China)

PoultryAfaana Brothers, (Gaza, PA), Xian Agricultural Development (P.R. China)


Orchard mechanizationFruit Group, Clootwijck Nurseries (The Netherlands)

Infusion systemsHak&Partners (The Netherlands)

Separators (paste)Interesba (The Netherlands), Barari Group (U.A.E.),

Fryers (plantain chips)JAPC-Factory (Ghana)

Containerized DriersDika International (The Netherlands)

Clean roomsIlan Bio International (P.R. China)
C.Research and Development:

TKI projects on date, chickpea and sesame (Wageningen University, The Netherlands).

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